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Credit Cards

Uber Card: 4% back on restaurants, takeout, bars, and most if not all coffee shops. 3% back on hotels and airfare (this is okay I think, I’m not much of an airfare points maximizer due to lack of flying). $50 for online subscription services (and 2% online purchases like this). No foreign transaction fee, no annual fee. $100 bonus after spending $500 in first 90 days

Cash Card: debit card linked to cash app. free and easy to get, no credit history required. Has rotating bonuses: $1 off coffee shops (this includes buying only food from a coffee shop too. this bonus works no matter the charge i.e. $2 coffee will only cost $1. while a lot of other bonuses have rotated in and out, this one has remained ever since I got the card many months ago), 15% doordash (this one is pretty new, not sure how long it will last), $1 off in n out, 5% off whole foods, 10% off chipotle, and $1 off panera

Amazon Prime Credit Card: only possible if you have Prime. 5% back on all Amazon and whole foods purchases. If you buy a lot of things with Prime, this card is a no brainer. Also get 5% back on Amazon Fresh, the grocery store delivery service, which is pretty great too. No annual fee, no foreign transaction fee.

The regular Amazon (non-prime) credit card gives 3% back on Amazon and whole foods, still pretty worth if you shop there a lot.

REI Credit Card: 5% back at REI (on top of your REI rebate), $100 if you use your REI card within 60 days. No brainer if you shop REI even a little. Also, if you shop REI, become a member to receive 10% back. Definitely worth it.

So those are the cards I use currently. There are probably better cards for stuff like groceries at places other than whole foods or amazon fresh, gasoline, travel, and maybe some other stuff, but for me and how I live my life, these are optimal. Feel free to tell me what cards you use and why.


Stocks: don’t invest in stocks individually, unless you do it for a living (and even then, probably still don’t do it because you’re probably not maximizing your returns lol). Invest in ETFs and Index Funds. Those have historically received the highest returns. The best ETFs and Index Funds to invest in historically have been Small Cap. However, you can mix it up if you want to. Small Cap and Mid Cap could be good. You can also invest in small cap ETFs and index funds from other nations, developing nations, and so on. There are also ETFs and index funds which focus on growth in other nations. Those can be pretty good to diversify. Lastly, if you think you are wicked smart or are cool waiting for a longer play, you can try to invest a little more narrowly in a sector. Think cyber security will be the future? There is an ETF for that lol. But again, whenever you invest narrowly, you are pretty much saying that you think you know better than the smartest people in the world with the best tools, best educations, and insider knowledge. So yeah, hate to break it, but you aren’t shit compared to the institutions in place. Diversify, invest in the overall market, and you’ll receive the best returns you probably can.

Oh and if I get a message or comment saying “but my dad, friend, uncle, I got 50% returns on this one stock because big brainz”, I’ll say congratz, even an idiot and pull a slot machine lever and get lucky.

Real Estate: okay, so I don’t have enough money to directly participate in the real estate arena, so this isn’t that. However, I have found a way to invest in real estate indirectly through a third party. They promise 8-12% annual returns, which is pretty solid, and have very low fees. So far I’ve used them for 1.5 months and if I were to extrapolate my rate of return thus far (which again, small sample size, probably unreliable to do this, but whatever), it is : 5.19%, which is much lower than what they are promising, but again, it’s only been a month and a half, and I also have a high growth investment preference which may attribute to this as well. Investing with them is a good way to diversify your investments outside of just the stock market while still earning solid returns. The service I use is called Fundrise, but feel free to look around for others you like or prefer.

Bonds: lol I’m pretty sure this is a dead way to invest for most people

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