Another Goal Accomplishment Book

Section 2. Choosing a Goal

Ha!  You thought you could just pick up this guide and start working on your goals right away huh?! Nope!  Before you can even start working on a goal, you must first decide whether or not that goal is worth pursuing.  Working on a goal that isn’t fit for you will not only be a waste of time, but it will also aggravate you, hurt your self-esteem, give you anxiety, and take away time and resources you could have spent working towards actual goals you care for and desire.

The five chapters of this section are

  1. The Goal has to be Intrinsically Desirable and Attractive to you
  2. The Overall Goal should be Difficult
  3. Understand the Limits of Change
  4. Don’t Force Yourself to do the Impossible
  5. Know When to Walk Away

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